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Our Services

  (1)Professional Translation: We provide a full range of translation services between Chinese and more than 80 major languages in the world in various specialty areas.
  (2)Professional Interpretation: For the past 10 years, we have provided simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation in more than 20 languages, e.g. English, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Russian, Thai and Portuguese, etc. for international conferences, press releases, large-sized trainings, high-level business negotiations, foreign delegates, on-site technical exchanges, etc. The specialty areas cover automotive machinery, energy chemistry, IT and communications, medical appliances, economic and trade cooperation, logistics, etc. Our excellent interpreters’ proven work record and strengths in market development, interpretation organizing and implementation have won extensive recognition among more than 1,000 clients.
  (3)Simultaneous Interpretation (SI): Our professional elites in simultaneous interpretation (SI), together with our state-of-art Bosch equipment, sound facility leasing mechanism and technical support, can ensure you optimum integrated SI solutions for international conferences and large-sized symposiums, including SI services, SI facility leasing, portable wireless SI devices leasing, etc.
  (4) Localization: Software localization, website localization, multi-media localization, testing services, etc.